Thursday, September 11, 2014

Free Fallin'

Free Fallin’

Family Fun is Free in Chillicothe this Fall

Fall is a wondrous season and the perfect time for families to reconnect and have some fun.  There's nothing better than taking a walk around Chillicothe to witness the changing colors of the leaves.  And the best part is - it’s free. Likewise, these upcoming events and activities are also free and fun for your family.  With the holidays just around the corner, save your cash to Shop Local and for now, experience our free-falling fun.  For more fun things to do in Chillicothe this fall or any season, go to

September 13                   Fall Outdoor Fun Day   9 a.m.    Fairgounds on Hwy 190

September 13                   Lowe’s Build and Grow Project

Steam and Gas Show @ Fairgrounds
September 18                   Silver Moon Cinema.  Outdoor, big-screen movie in Silver Moon Plaza.        ‘Sweet Home Alabama'

September 20                   Kiwanis Kids Day Parade

September 26-28             Livingston County Steam &                                                Gas Engine Show

September 27                   National Museum Day events at Museum.  10-4:30 

Oct-Dec                           4th Annual Parade of Christmas Trees Exhibit at Museum

October 4                          Fireball Run Adventure Race.  Pitstop in Downtown
Silver Moon Cinema

October 12                        Octoberfest Fall Festival.  St. Columban Catholic Church.  

October 19              Poosey Conservation Area Fall Driving Tour

October 23                         Silver Moon Cinema.  'Goonies' outdoors on the big-screen in Silver Moon Plaza.           

October 31                          Boofest in Downtown Chillicothe

November 22                    Holiday Parade

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